Friday, December 2, 2016

The One Where I Bought A Dog For Joshua

I'm blaming it on a momentary lapse in judgment...brought on by nights-on-end of little sleep, and the two almond-shaped eyes that stared at me when we talked about the dog we just lost in September.

Whatever the reason...I bought a dog for Joshua.

Now my life is totally consumed with this puppy...and I'm exhausted.

And I'm not over-reacting AT ALL. It's been 24 hours already.

I've been thinking about buying a dog for a while...and by "a while," I mean, since Labor Day weekend when Maggie-the-good-dog died.

I am not an "animal person." I think it's because I am allergic to pretty much everything known to man. I went half my life without having an animal. I would've been fine not to ever have another dog. I also would've been fine if Maggie had lived forever...but that didn't happen. She was just the best dog ever.

And, ya know, you kind of forget what it's like to have a puppy. You have to watch them constantly, so they don't tweedle on the floor. And you have to watch them constantly, so they don't chew up all of your furniture.

And I just don't want to watch anything that closely...unless it's my baby grandson. :)

Because people who say that puppies are like children? Well, they're wrong. Puppies are a lot of work, but if I get exasperated with this dog, I'm gonna put her in her kennel...or put her outside. You can't do that with a child. Stuff like that is frowned-upon in the good state of Arkansas.

Just sayin'.

I am thankful that Jim is off tomorrow, and I am thankful for the weekend. I have high hopes that by Monday morning, the dog will have learned that WE POTTY OUTSIDE.

And also? I hope she will not bark half-the-night in her kennel/cage thingy.

I will tell you what is different from this puppy, and when Maggie was a puppy: about 15 years of life under my belt...and about 15 years of less patience.

And, also? When Maggie was a puppy, and she cried and barked...I worried and worried about her, and I couldn't sleep at night because of the barking...because I was worried about her...and because WHY WOULDN'T SHE JUST GIVE UP AND GO TO SLEEP?

Last night? I put my pillow over my head like a boss...and slept the sleep of the angels. The puppy may bark herself to death, if that is even a "thing" that can happen...but she's been fed, and she's potty'd, and there is no reason for her to be barking...other than she's missing her family.

But, I can't think about that right now.

No, I'm not an "animal person," but I love my kids...and my big man-child wanted a dog. So, here we are.

"I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the Lord sustains me." Psalm 3:5


  1. How does Joshua feel about the dog? We got a puppy in September, and that dog still gets on my nerves. He has really sweet moments, but he's also got a lot of energy and he's pretty smart. And he and Ben have a ... love/hate relationship. Sometimes they love each other, sometimes they hate each other. The most difficult times are when one is in love and the other is not. (And it goes both ways). We're also supposed to move in a couple of weeks. I'm not sure why we decided to get a dog and move all in the same few months.

    1. Well, Joshua was excited about the dog. Overwhelmed. Emotional. He was choking back tears, when we gave her to him. The thing is...Joshua loved our old dog, Maggie, so much, but she was old. She didn't jump and bounce and run and nip at little fingers. And she stayed outside, so there was no going in and out for potty/exercise breaks. Of course, Maggie did all of those things when she was a puppy, BUT NO ONE REMEMBERS IT BUT ME SINCE I TOOK CARE OF HER WHILE EVERYONE ELSE WENT ON THEIR MERRY WAY. :) I think Bella will be small enough for Joshua...not too small, not too big. Right now, he seems thrilled with her, but she's definitely a puppy. I'm looking forward to the day...when she will want to chill with him in the chair, or on the floor in his room while he reads. I don't think there's ever a "good" time to get a dog...I mean, you guys are moving...there's Christmas in a couple of weeks. WHAT? I think all breeders should house-train the puppies before they let you pick them up, but that's just me. ;) Maybe talk about what an adjustment it will be for your dog, and enlist the help of your older kids. Our college boy came home unexpectedly this weekend, and he basically took over the dog care situation. And I didn't even ask him to! Soooo nice to be able to, ya know, go to the bathroom by myself, and not wonder if the dog is chewing a branch off the Christmas tree.