Monday, December 19, 2016

Busy Week and Joshua's Christmas Play 2016

We had such a busy week last week. Mainly because: PUPPY.

And also? Joshua's Christmas Play.

Every year, the Therapeutic Recreation group that he's involved with...puts on a Christmas play. And the FRIENDS get to choose what they do, and how it all goes.

This year, they chose, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." Do you remember that movie from the olden days?



First, they start off the program by singing some Christmas carols. And I am using the word "SINGING" lightly. Verrrrrry lightly.

In fact, Joshua said that he wanted to sing a duet with Jenni-the-girlfriend, during the Christmas program. And, yes, I know that there are those individuals with Down Syndrome who can carry and tune and sing beautifully. Let me just say that...well, how can I put it delicately?

There are none of those individuals in this group.

I told him that if everyone sang a song, the program would last for 4 they might better keep it to the group singing and the play.

They also always ask Joshua to read the verses from Luke 2. This is his favorite part, because he loves sharing the TRUE meaning of Christmas. I posted the video of it on my Facebook. I think he did such a great job.

Ms. Sherrie, the TR director, she always reads the story...and the FRIENDS always act it out. There is no talking from the FRIENDS.

Ms. Sherrie let them all choose the parts they wanted. Joshua said he didn't choose, but he played the part of Kris Kringle. He did a great job.

They all wear costumes, and they are always pretty simple. Last year, Joshua was Santa, and he had a pillow belted into his shirt, because he does not have the typical Santa body!

There was so much work that went into this play. The FRIENDS worked on their parts for 3 weeks. The TR staff worked on the "set" for longer than that.

Some of the FRIENDS get nervous performing in front of people. During the dress rehearsal, Joshua's girlfriend, Jenni, told Joshua she was nervous...and he told her to hold his hand. It was the sweetest thing, because they held hands and swayed slowly back and forth during all of the songs.

Jim's parents wanted to come to the dress rehearsal. It was in the afternoon, and they do not like to drive at night. Jim and I ended up meeting them there for the dress rehearsal, even tho we were also going to the performance the next night.

Holly said that she might come to the dress rehearsal as well. I told her she didn't have to, because she was planning to come the next night, too, but she insisted. She said she would bring her own car, and come with Rhodie.

Well, she called me when she got there...she had taken the wrong entrance, and was looking for us. I told her I would stand in the drive and show her where to park. Sure enough, in a minute, I saw her car winding its way down the hill. I waved real big at her, and pointed toward the parking area. She didn't move her car...she just kept grinning. And, it was cold out, so I pointed to where she need to go, and she kept grinning.

Finally, she pointed to her passenger seat, and the window rolled down...and there was LOGAN! In her car! He had surprised us and come in for Joshua's program!

I have the sweetest kids.

Morgan is a teacher, so she couldn't get off work to come with him...but we were so happy to see him..even if it was just for 30 hours or so.

So, for the dress rehearsal, there was Jim and I, Jim's parents, Holly, Rhodie, and Logan.

And for the night of the program, there was Jim and I, Holly, Aaron-the-son-in-law (who had just driven in from out-of-town), and Rhodie, Logan, and Clark (who also came in from college for the event!).

Joshua was THRILLED to have them all there. He was not one bit nervous during the dress rehearsal, but during the actual performance on Friday night? He was a wreck. I noticed he kept putting his hand to his mouth...and during some of the songs, he would close his eyes and breathe slowly. WHAT IN THE WORLD?

Holly looked at me and said, "Joshua's fixin' to hurl." I looked down at Logan and Clark, and they were looking at me like, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH JOSHUA?

I prayed he could make it through the songs...and when they left the stage to change into their costumes for the play, I stopped him and asked if he was okay...if he needed to go in the bathroom. He said, "I'm okay now."

And he was. He just kind of had a moment, harm, no foul, no barf.

It was such a great week!

"Show family affection to one another with brotherly love. Outdo one another in showing honor." Romans 12:10

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