Saturday, December 3, 2016

The New Dog: Her Name

So, we've had the new puppy for 4 days so far. Everyone is still alive.

It's taking a lot of getting used to...watching where you step, because she might be under your feet. Watching if she looks like she is even THINKING about going into a squatting position. Making sure she eats. Making sure she drinks. Making sure she doesn't chew on shoes or furniture or clothes. Taking her outside to potty.

Which, speaking of taking her outside,

Our yard is completely fenced. Three sides is a privacy fence, but the part that faces the street, on both sides of our house, is wrought-iron fencing. The puppy can walk right through it. So when SHE goes out to potty...WE go out with her until she's done. And, here's the thing, she likes being outside. And the weather? Doesn't seem to bother her at all. 

The first few days were sunny and warm, so it wasn't a problem. Today, it is cold and rainy and gross outside. She doesn't seem to care at all. She will just fall out in the grass...and just lay there. It is the funniest thing!

She loves to play and run outside. Honestly, I think she could spend a lot more time out there, if we were willing to, you know, turn ourselves into popsicles. It's cold, man!

Yesterday, Jim said, "I think I'm gonna take the little dog on a walk." I was, like, "oooooookayyyy." I mean, when Jim goes on walks, he doesn't play. He is serious about it, and this puppy is 8 weeks old. He said, "I won't over-do it, or anything."

I put the harness on her, and attached the leash. Jim walked to the front door, and called her to come. She laid down flat. He pulled on the leash a little, thinking she would get up and run to the door...but she didn't move. He ended up pulling her across the floor like a Swiffer mop.

She finally stood up, and Jim waited on her to walk carefully down our front stairs. I shut the door, and went to the kitchen to start making dinner.

About 10-15 minutes later, I happened to look outside. I thought I heard Jim talking. I figured he was on the phone with someone from work. When I looked out the window, I saw someone out in the yard with him. It was CLARK! He had surprised us by coming home from college! He was sitting down on the ground, playing with the puppy.

I went out to hug and talk to him. I asked Jim how his walk was. He said, AND I QUOTE, "we didn't make a walk."

I said, "you didn't MAKE a walk?"

He said, "nope. She went flat again on the sidewalk...and I tried to get her up walking. I finally make it to the opposite side of the street, and she just laid down and would not get up. I picked her up, and thought I would carry her, and then I thought, 'this is ridiculous...I'm not carrying this dog on my walk.'" So they came back home, and walked around in the backyard. The puppy was all about that life!

The biggest news is that the puppy finally has a name. I had a name that I liked. The 3 younger kids chimed in with their ideas and suggestions, but I really wanted it to be Joshua's decision. I got this dog for him. But that opened up a whole Pandora's box...because you just never know what he is going to come up with...and if you tell him it's his choice, then you can't go back on your word. Right?

He suggested "Elaine," "Mrs. Norris," and "Luna." Oh, and "Abby," "Leaf Carrier," and "Rey" (from Star Wars).

And, "Maple Syrup," "Paula," "Tia," "Maddie," and "Delilah."

You see what I'm talking about?

Joshua named her "Bella." I didn't want him to name her that, because I have several friends who have dogs named Bella...and our neighbors have a dog named Bella, because I hear them calling to her all the time. Joshua is unaware of all of this, and, anyway, he does not care.

Actually, her full and entire name is, "Bella Daisy Rey Maple Syrup."

We're all just gonna call her Bella.

Well, except for Jim. He has called Holly's dog, "Jo-Jo" for 9 years. The dog's name is "Marley."

Jim is calling Bella, "Sissy." He says it doesn't matter what you call a dog, as long as you do it with a sweet voice...

So I'm calling her "Pooper," but in my sweetest voice, of course.

"A good name is to be chosen over great wealth; favor is better than silver and gold." Proverbs 22:1

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