Sunday, December 4, 2016


I love Sundays. Do you?

I always have...except for when I was in my first two years of college.

I moved to Arkansas for college...and I did not know one soul in the entire state. Not one. I made friends quickly, but on Sundays? Many of them slept in...or went "home" for the weekend. I lived 8 hours from home...I couldn't be running up and down the road.

Oh, I DID run up and down the road for the first couple of months. But after everything and everyone got all settled in, I didn't.

Sundays were the loneliest days. I went to church by myself a LOT. And then I would grab lunch, and study or whatever. Things were usually fairly quiet on campus. It just seemed like the day lasted for-EVER.

But, after Jim and I got married, I wasn't lonely on Sundays anymore. :) I had someone to go to church with, and eat lunch with, and take naps with.

This morning, I was up and around earlier than usual...probably because Little Miss Puppy was barking her head off at the crack-of-dawn. That's 5 a.m., if anyone is wondering. But Jim is an early riser, so he got up with her...and took her outside to potty. He fed her, and ran around in the backyard with her, to tire her out.

So I got up early and got ready. At one point, Jim said, "I keep smelling something BAD...did she roll in her poo-poo?"

(Goodness, I don't know!)

At some point, he says, "I think it's coming from her kennel...yep. IT is in her kennel."

He was making last minute touches on his Sunday School lesson, so I put on my MUCK boots, picked up the kennel...and headed out the door.

And, really, there is nothing more glamorous on a Sunday morning, than a middle-aged woman, in a dress, wearing MUCK boots...and using the garden hose to spray poo-poo out of a dog kennel.

I totally felt like Caroline Ingalls.

But I got it cleaned out, and dried it...and brought it back in the house. We were going to have to put Bella in there while we were at church.

I was literally headed out to the car for church...purse and Bible-in-hand...when Jim says, "are those the shoes you mean to wear with that dress?" Yep. Still had on my boots.

I'm classy like that.

When I walked into the choir room at church, a girl asked me if I had done anything different to my hair. I said, "yes, I did. I got up early, and fixed it...and, not to be prideful or anything, but it was FIRE. And then I went outside in the mist, and sprayed poo-poo out of a dog kennel...and this is the result."

She said, "looks good on you."



After church, we came home, and tried to, as Joshua says, "clean up the re-runs." He calls left-overs, "re-runs." We got out the pizza...the Chinese food...the chili...all left from the past 2 days...and everyone warmed up what they wanted for lunch.

Clark told us he was planning to head back to school at 2. It's such a dreary, cold day here...I wanted to send him back with a little treat, so at 1:15, I started making cookies. The first batch was done at 1:57. I couldn't even put them in a baggie or a Rubbermaid container, because they were so hot. I put them on a paper plate, and he set them on his passenger seat.

It was such a treat to have him home this weekend. He didn't tell us he was coming...he just popped in on Friday afternoon. His help with Bella-the-puppy was immeasurable. I mean, he just took over...fed her, took her out to potty, cleaned up her "accidents," etc. Such a blessing.

I miss him already...and not just because he helped take care of the puppy.

We've had a good, good Sunday.

"Praise the LordPraise God in His sanctuary; praise Him in His mighty heavens!" Psalm 150:1

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