Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Therapeutic Recreation, Chuy's, and a Gender Reveal!

Today was Joshua's first day back to Therapeutic Recreation for this semester.


I heard him in the kitchen around 6 a.m. I heard him use the microwave to warm up a couple of the left-over blueberry muffins I made yesterday morning...and he was asking Jim his regular morning question: "how did YOU sleep?"

Holly didn't have to work today, so she rode into LR with us...and, after we dropped Joshua off, we spent the rest of the day together.

We had the best time. We went to Target...and for the ones who know me well, you will not believe this, but it was the FIRST TIME SINCE BEFORE CHRISTMAS that I've set foot in Target. I'm talkin'...it's been a month.


And you have to know that we found some stuff there that we needed...BAD.

After we left there, we headed to the maternity store.

The last time we were there, we had just eaten lunch at Chuy's...and if you have ever eaten at Chuy's, you know that you smell like Mexican food. We pretty much stunk up the whole maternity clothes store.

Not even kidding.

It was bad.

So, we were going to Chuy's for lunch...you'd better believe we were...but we went to the maternity store FIRST, so ha, ha, HA.

Holly tried on several things there, and we left with two new maternity dresses, and one pair of tights. She has a wedding to attend this coming weekend, and I think that she will look so cute in either dress she wears.

After that, we went to Chuy's for lunch, and that was pretty much FYE-YAH. Yum.

And then we went and stunk up the mall. 

We went into the Gymboree store, and I told her that if we found any items that had a MOOSE on them...she was not going to stop me from buying them.

And I did...and she didn't!

It's so fun to be able to buy things, now that we know the gender.

Oh...have I not shared that on here?

Well, my daughter is a big, fib-telling, sneaky-SNEAK HEAD. She had her doctor's appointment last week, and told us that they would have their ultrasound in February...when really...they had their ultrasound the very next day.

Both of them are rat-finks.

They came over and and told us they had "news," and fessed up that they had had their ultrasound that day. I knew it was going to be a girl. I had felt all along that it was a girl, and so did Holly.



Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

We did not care about the gender AT ALL. We have 3 boys, so we know how wonderful they are. We also have a girl, and she's pretty special, too.

We are so excited! I love him so much already!

So, my little grand-boy got a tiny pair of moose moccasins today...and a little hat to match! THEY ARE SO CUTE, and I can't wait to see him wearing them!

"I prayed for this boy, and the Lord has given me the request that I asked of Him. Now I dedicate him to the Lord. From this time on he is dedicated to the Lord.”

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