Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Lazy Thursday

So, I thought I was back on the blogging roll, and then I completely forgot to post yesterday.


Yesterday, I took Joshua into LR for his Therapeutic Recreation, and then I did some running around. His group went bowling...and then they went to lunch at Chili's. The program director posted a picture of Joshua from the bowling alley. He was wearing his coat AND his backpack...while he was bowling. I posted it on my Facebook, and on my IG (martythemoose).

You never know when you might need to make a quick get-away, so it's good to be prepared!

Last night, we went to Wednesday night dinner at church. It was Poppy-Seed Chicken night, which is basically my favorite thing they have up there. It was so good!

Our pastor is leading our church through a series on prayer called "House of Prayer." It's been really good. Joshua told him that he wished we'd do it every week...forever.

Holly had to work yesterday, but when she got home last night...she went and picked up her dog, and came over here. Aaron-the-son-in-law was out-of-town, so she spent the night with us. I love living close enough so that we can do things like that.

Last night, Joshua and I talked about what to do today. We didn't know what the weather was going to do, but Joshua said he was really tired, and wished we would just stay home. I was totally fine with that.

I woke up at 5 a.m., because I heard Holly getting ready for work. And then I had to stay up after she left to watch the dog. Fortunately, he crawled back up on the couch after Jim finally got off to work, and I slept the sleep of the angels for about an hour.

We stayed home all day. It was really nice. I made cookies to send to Clark at school...he's been there for 3 whole days. (sniff) I didn't make it to the post office in time, tho. Maybe tomorrow.

Pretty boring day when I look at it all typed out...but it was just a really peaceful and relaxing day. Jim skipped Rotary to come home and have lunch with Joshua and I...and I made a big pot of potato soup for dinner tonight, and it was so yummy! Holly came over when she got home from work, and she picked up Marley (her dog).

All week, the meteorologists have been predicting snow for tomorrow. We have NO PLANS, so I hope we get a really pretty snow...and then I hope it's gone by Saturday morning! Ha! And I hope AND PRAY that we don't get any ice.

Stay safe, y'all!

"He gives snow like wool; he scatters frost like ashes." Psalm 147:16

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