Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Program Rehearsal and Christmas Cards!

Today...I don't think I can even tell you what I did today. I don't even know. I took Joshua to Little Rock for his Therapeutic Recreation, and poof! The day was gone and I was there to pick him up in the afternoon.

His group of FRIENDS are working on the Christmas program they will perform at the end of the week. THEY.ARE.SO.EXCITED.

It will be so cute!

It won't be smooth...or polished...or like anything you've ever seen.

But it will be perfect.

Also, Joshua's girlfriend, Jenni, has been trying to get "more healthier" (Joshua's words). She told Joshua this morning that she has lost 20 pounds so far. Joshua said, "well, no WONDER I can't keep my hands off of her!"


When we got home, our Christmas cards were waiting on the porch for us! WOW! They told me it would be December 22 before I got them. At this point, I didn't even care. I was just happy to have them ordered and on their way. Holly pretty much took care of everything for me. She took the picture, helped me choose the best one, and narrowed down the card selection process for me.

All things I appreciate.

So, after I cooked dinner...and we ate it...and I cleaned up...and I made a cake for Jim to take to work in the morning...I started addressing our Christmas cards. I just got done. Whew! HAND CRAMP!

I'm so happy to be getting those cards out this week! :)

"Shout with joy to the LORD, all the earth!" Psalm 100:1

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