Thursday, December 10, 2015

Comfort and Joy...and a Gunman on Campus

So, today.

Trying to wrap my mind around it.

This morning, Joshua and I went to pick up Holly, so that she could ride into Little Rock with us. She had a doctor's appointment. After we dropped Joshua off at Therapeutic Recreation, I drove Holly to her appointment...where she met up with Aaron-the-son-in-law.

Today was the day...the first day...that they were going to try and hear the baby's heartbeat.

I had a hair appointment, and I kept my phone in my hand the whole time. Holly FINALLY texted me a video Aaron had taken at her appointment. It showed the doctor with the Doppler on Holly's tummy...and I got to hear the sweet sound that is so familiar and reassuring to every mother.

Holly and Aaron have both been anxious the past 4 weeks. If she's sick, she wishes she wasn't sick...and if she's not sick, she's sure something is wrong.

First-time Moms can relate, right?

When you are not far along enough to "show" or feel movement, every cramp, pain, bubble...makes you wonder if everything is okay.

Well, everything seems to be going along just fine, and the baby has a nice, strong heart-beat. That news was COMFORTing to my two expectant parents...and they were JOYFUL as they left the doctor's office.

After they ate, Aaron dropped Holly off at the salon, and she waited on me to get finished. We went to pick up Joshua from TR a little early, because Clark was coming home to go to the doctor. Months ago, he made an appointment with a dermatologist here in town. He has two on his face, and one on his neck...that are concerning to him (the doc said they are fine).

On the way home...on the construction traffic...I got a call from Logan. I don't typically take calls when I'm driving, but since it was Logan...I answered it. He said, "Mom, I don't know if you've heard, but there's an active shooter on campus...but I am safe."


That's probably not every parent's worst nightmare...but I guarantee it's right on up there. Can we agree that it's in the top 5?

I felt sick. I wanted to pull over, but we were in traffic...and there was NO WAY I was going to let Holly drive. She would be as upset as me....and she's carrying some precious cargo. Thankfully, Joshua was as snug-as-a-bug in the back seat, playing on his phone.

So I did what every good mother would do: I sucked it up. All the way up.

I talked to Logan. I asked him a few questions. He was on his way out the door to take one of his final exams when Morgan called. She had gotten an alert on her phone about the gunman. He got it, too, but he got it later than she did.

I made sure he was safe. He went back into his apartment and locked the door. The entire campus was on lock-down. The police/SWAT teams/first-responders were there in less than 4 minutes, and he said they were crawling all over campus.

I told him I loved him, and to stay safe.

And then I hung up, and took some deep breaths...and I drove.

Holly took care of answering the text messages I was receiving. Apparently, our daughter-in-law, Morgan, had texted me several times, but I didn't get them because I was driving. I also was hearing from several friends who had seen it on the news.

I got back to town, and took Holly to her house. Joshua was going to stay with her, while I met Clark at the dermatologist's office.

I had a couple of minutes at home before Clark got there, so I did what I imagine any MOM would do after receiving news about a shooter on her child's college campus: I went in my bathroom and cried my eyes out, and thanked God for His protection over Logan. And for everyone on his campus. Everyone was safe...even the gunman.

And then I blew my nose, re-did my make-up, and went out to wait for Clark.

And then a big debate started on-line with people saying it was not an "active shooter" situation, because no shots were fired. I "get" that it might not have fit the description...and we can argue that the campus coulda-shoulda stated it differently...BUT that's the alert the students were given.

I just want to say that one crazy person...with a gun...on a campus, is one crazy person...with a gun...on a campus...too many.

And everyone needs to shutty about the semantics, because this Momma needs a quiet room, a diet Dr. Pepper...and a cookie.

"In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety." Psalm 4:8

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