Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tuesday Shopping: War Room, Reversible Belts & Cupcakes

So, I'm still Christmas shopping, and it's not all my fault.

Every year, I ask my kids to make a list for me. They are all pretty much past the age where I can pick things out for them. Except for Joshua. He wants many of the same things every year: a wolf calendar, a planner, some v-necked shirts.

I try to keep everything equal. Jim and I typically give our kids 3 presents each. Jim says if it was good enough for's good enough for the Garland's.

Just sayin'.

Now that they're married and/or have significant gets trickier. I like to get them each 3 individual things...but every now and then, I can get them something together. But not usually. There are sometimes things they want or need for their home, but someone told me a long time ago, "if it plugs's not a present."

I think they were mainly referring to "kitchenware" things. The last thing most women want for Christmas is something to make their cooking and cleaning experiences better.

Unless it's a maid.

I would be down with a maid.

I don't mind getting the kids things they want, rather than what they need...I'll do either, but I really like to get them something that they would never buy for themselves. We have 3 of ours in college/grad school, so there are lots of things that aren't really necessities...things they would never buy for themselves, because they either wouldn't have the money, or they would think it was wasteful. Those are the things they would love to get as a surprise. I know everyone is different and that's great...but those are the items I'm looking to buy for Christmas.

I think I've pretty much got the shopping knocked out...except for Holly and Aaron. I really want Holly to pick out exactly what she wants, so it will be the right thing...and I need her to help me shop for Aaron.

I shopped for Joshua today, and it was so fun! When I say that I try to keep things equal, I do not include Joshua in this. His needs and wants are very simple. He wants pens and notebooks and a calendar and a planner. If I kept it equal, money-wise, he would have those things stacked to the ceiling.

One thing on his list was the War Room book. I went to the Lifeway store, and got the book, and the Bible Study that goes with it...AND a study on prayer that goes along with the book. I was giggling to myself, just thinking about how happy all of that was going to make him! Oh! He also asked for a brown belt. The one I bought him is reversible. The lady showed me how to hold the buckle with one hand, and pull down on the belt with the other hand...and twist to switch from brown to black. I got so excited thinking about how much Joshua was going to love that! I found the wolf calendar and just hee-hawed. I thought he might like a Star Wars calendar instead, but the wolf calendar was ON THE LIST. So that's the one I got.

It's so fun shopping for Joshua, because I just know how much he's going to love everything!

I always put toiletries in their stockings, and so yesterday I spent an hour at my local Wal-Marks...picking up body wash and shampoo and lotion and DOVE SOAP FOR MEN (which Joshua pronounces "dove..." as in, he DOVE into the water...and it cracks me up every time)...and things like that. Joshua loves all of that "smelly" stuff. When he gets out of the shower at night, you can smell him all the way down the stairs!

When I got to the Therapeutic Rec center to pick up Joshua, Ms. Kendra said that one of the moms brought cupcakes. I was drooling over them, so they asked if I wanted one.


She started to put it in a bag for me, and I stopped her. I said, "don't even bother...that cupcake is not going to make it to the parking lot."

And it didn't!

"So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask Him." Matthew 7:11

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