Sunday, January 19, 2014

Joshua and Jenni's Lunch

Got a call the other night from Jenni's mom. Jenni and her helper-friend, Tiffanie, were gonna be in our town around lunch, and wondered if they could see Joshua.


Joshua was so excited!

I decided to let Joshua go with Jenni and Tiffanie without me, so I met up with them in a parking lot near my house and they took off to the restaurant.

An hour later, I went to pick Joshua up. Joshua and Jenni had eaten lunch AND exchanged their Christmas presents. Jenni got to see the "chin fur" that Joshua has been growing for the past few weeks. She is not a fan.

I knew I liked that girl.

But Tiffanie went on and on about it, and now Joshua wants to keep it until the Valentine Ball. Ugh.

I was so glad they got to see each other. It is sometimes a hassle to get them together. Weekends work best for plan dates...but Jenni is gone a lot on the weekends, staying with various family members.

I hate to use the word "hassle." Bless their hearts. They hate that they have to be so dependent on others. It's definitely not the way they would choose. They would love nothing more than to jump in the car and go to a restaurant or to a movie...ALONE. Of course, by now, they would love to be married and share a home and be starting their lives together.

But that's not the way it is.

We have to be involved in the planning because someone has to get them together, and they live 40 minutes apart. We typically stay with them at the restaurant or movie or whatever...sitting at another table or other seats sometimes. They are just so innocent and the last thing we would ever want is for anyone to take advantage of them in any way. And neither one of them are really good about money, and some people will take advantage of that, even if it's just to get a few extra dollars. On this day at lunch, Tiffanie told me that Joshua tried to leave a $20 bill for a tip until she caught it. His meal was $8. He knows that was not the right amount to leave, but he was on a date and trying to be "manly." He's seen Jim leave a large tip after a meal...but it's usually when there are 8 or 10 of us eating!

And, from the pictures that Tiffanie took at the restaurant, seems like Joshua and Jenni spent some time smoochin'!

Joshua brought back usual. He will typically eat half of his meal and then bring the other half home in a to-go box. But this day, he told me that he ate all of his food, but brought Jenni and her friend's left-overs home.


It's one thing to eat something that a family member has gnawed on. Not gonna lie...I pick and choose depending on whose meal it was...but it's quite a different thing to eat something a complete stranger has handled. Blech.

It's my goal to get Joshua and Jenni together more often this year!

"Sing to the LORD with grateful praise..." Psalm 147:7

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