Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Joshua and His "Retreating" Hairline

My Joshua is a detail person.

I am not.

My husband has always said that I am the most UNobservant person in the world.

Not only that...I don't recognize faces. Jim can see someone he's met one time, and he will remember them forever. Me? NOTSOMUCH.

It's pitiful, really. I blame it on the poor vision I had as a child.

I was 9 or 10 years old before I got glasses and could really see anything going on around me. It's a funny story, really...if you think your own mom not believing that you were BLIND AS A BAT and thought you were faking when you failed the eye exam at school and threatened you within an inch of your life if you didn't pass the eye exam at the ophthalmologist is funny.

I remember being a nervous wreck at the eye appointment. I tried so hard to pass the test. I remember the doctor walking me out into the waiting room to meet my mom. He said, "Mrs. Logan, your daughter has significant vision impairment."

I'd like a re-do of that day because I'm pretty sure I sat there demurely while they talked. Now days, I'd like to think I would do a fist pump and yell "YESSSSS" really loud for all to see, and then say very loudly, "I TOLD you I couldn't SEE and YOU didn't believe me."

She said it was because of my long history of "embellishment" that made her doubt me, but I told her a million times that wasn't the case.

And, she said I had commented numerous times on the cute glasses a girl from church had recently gotten at her eye check-up.

I don't remember trying on any frames, altho I'm sure I did. My Mom chose the ones I got. I mean, it's not like my choice would've been trusted anyway...I couldn't SEE.

I remember riding in the car on the way home after we picked up my glasses. My Mom said I was really quiet, just looking out the window and occasionally commenting, "how long has THAT been there?" Or, "what is THAT building?"

She said she felt bad for not believing me, but the fact that I still remember this all these years later tells me that her apology was NOT ACCEPTED and I might still be a little bitter.


And at this point, I'd like to say that to add insult to injury, the frames my mom chose for me were CAT-EYE frames...which were totally "in" for older women like my MOM...and totally NOT IN when you are in the 4th grade. And so even tho the glasses helped me a LOT, I left them home every day for a week ON PURPOSE and my Mom had to bring them to me at school. She was understanding for the first two days, and very UN-understanding on the rest of the days. I eventually had to break down and wear them, until I got, as Joshua would say, "more blinder." My prescription changed in a year and I finally got to get gold wire-rimmed glasses like everyone else. They clashed with the silver wire of my braces, but I was just so excited to not be wearing those hideous cat-eye glasses that I didn't even currr.

And if I could tell my 10 year old self anything, I would tell her to hang on...because when she's 14 years old, she will discover the miracle of contact lenses and all will be right with the world again.

So, I think maybe not being able to see clearly during the formative years of my life helped make me the UNobservant person that I am.

But Joshua notices everything. He likes routine and so he notices when we do things out of order. He also notices when things are not in the right place. For example, at our church, if I take one of the Bibles out of the rack in front of the pew, I'd better put it back just right or Joshua will reach up and move it. He can't help it. He knows how it was, and how it SHOULD BE...and wants to fix it just right.

Joshua notices when I get my hair cut. He notices when I get a new outfit. He notices when I'm sad. He has a fantastic memory, and he remembers days that are special to our family...whether they are special for good reasons or not-so-good reasons. He remembers people who have died and frequently tells us stories from his memories about them.

Since Joshua has such a good memory, I am careful about what I say. I mean, he will seal it permanently in the vault, so you'd better say what you mean...and mean what you say. It WILL come back to haunt you.

Joshua is also very honest. One day, he was in the car with Jim, and Jim said he was going on and on about something. Those two butt heads a lot because they can be.

Get it?

Because they can be...butt heads?


They butt heads because they are a lot alike in their personalities. I've written about how persistent Jim is about things, and Joshua is no different. So, in the car, Joshua was talking about Jim's hair and how he was seeing some gray hairs and that he might need a haircut and maybe some "Just For Men Gel." At this point, Jim had had ENOUGH.OF.THE.TALKING.ABOUT.THE.HAIR and so he casually said something to Joshua along the lines of "well, Joshua, your hair isn't turning gray yet, but it has started to recede a little, like mine."

Well, that's all Joshua needed to hear and now he brings it up every few weeks when I take him to get a haircut. "My hair is retreating...dad said so."

Thanks, Jim.

So he's been growing out his "grotee" while Logan has been home. He says he will shave it when Logan goes back to college, which, thank the LORD, will be this weekend.

Thank the Lord that Joshua will finally SHAVE...not that Logan is going back to school. Because :(

The other night at dinner, Logan mentioned to us that you could see a couple of gray hairs in Joshua's grotee. OH NOOOOO. We all agreed that NO ONE TELLS JOSHUA about this. He will obsess about it and drive us all nuts. With his vision, I doubt that he will be able to see them...but you never know. The other day, I saw him using the camera function on his phone to take a "selfie" of his grotee to send to his girlfriend, Jenni.

It's hard for me to realize that, at almost 28, he's old enough for gray hair. My little man.

"Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained by living a godly life." Proverbs 16:31

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