Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Lunch Date

So, I woke up this morning and decided to take Joshua on a little lunch date.

His "group" hasn't started back yet, and he's been VERY patient about it. I mean, it's been about a month. Oh, he asks "when does my group start back?" about 50-11 times a DAY...but where usually he gets more agitated the longer the break lasts, this time he's done very well.

Of course, what usually happens on the first day back is that they are all sooo excited to see each other...and that lasts for a couple of hours until there's some big DRAMA and everyone ends the day in tears.



Anyway, about 10:40, I went up to Joshua's room and asked him if he wanted to go to lunch. He grinned real big and said, "YES!" and then, "where should we go?"

I didn't answer him because I knew he was thinking Chick-Fil-A, which we LOVE, but I had a different place in mind. And we would have to get there early to get the table by the window.

Fortunately, by 10:50, Joshua was coming down the stairs. I let him look over the menu in the car on the way. I knew what I was gonna get, and kinda figured he would get the same thing...but he decided on the French Dip. I got the quiche and a cup of soup. While I was paying, I pointed to where the cups were and told him to choose a drink. When I was done, I turned around and he was grinning as he handed me a half-full cup of Diet Coke. "HERE," he said. He never fills drink cups up to the top. NEVER. I think it's because he's kind of unsteady when he walks, and he's afraid he will spill it.

We got the table by the window. SCORE! I scooted my chair close to his so that he could hear me easier when we talked. He asked me if I read what he posted on Holly's Facebook wall. I had not, so after we sat down and got situated, I pulled it up and we read it together and laughed. He had written, "Goup, I wish you, me and Mom were at Hobby Lobby right now."

It's so funny because that is a BIG joke with him. Holly and I LOVE HobLob. Joshua? NOTSOMUCH. He doesn't understand our endless fascination with burlap or flowers or frames or why we need chalk pens and what is chevron, anyway? It started one day when he was just DONE FOR THE DAY...but we dragged him with us. We should've known better. He was not a happy camper, and the more Holly picked at him about it...the worse it got.

But one day, he was with his group, and we went without him.


He still hasn't quite gotten over it.

He doesn't want to go with us, and he doesn't want us to go without him.

And they say WOMEN can't make up their minds. Sheesh.

Oh, and he calls her "Goup," or "Goupie." How you get that from "Holly," I will never know, but he has called her that forever. And, yes, we call him "Fred," but THAT IS AN ACTUAL NAME OF A PERSON. "Goup?" NOTSOMUCH.

So we ate and we talked. And we watched people from our seats in front of the big window. I knew he would like it. We could see the road and the cars and the people out walking in front of the downtown shops.

As we finished, I remembered that I forgot to order cookies. This place makes the best lemon cookies, and I wanted to get some to bring home. It IS Logan's last week at home before he moves back to school! So we got back in line and I ordered. The lady ringing me up said, "We were admiring your shirt and pretty!" I said, "Thank you! You're so sweet!" Joshua looked at me and smiled real big and said, "I noticed you at home and I thought you looked key-YUTE!"

Self-esteem issues? No ma'am. Not with him around.

Think I'll keep him!

"...speak encouraging words to one another..." 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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