Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our Family Thanksgiving

First of all, the Razorbacks.

Y''s so sad. They lost yesterday to Mississippi State, and it set a school record...for losses in a season.


I just HATE it for them. I'm not one of those fans who is gung-ho when they win and down on them when they lose. I love to win. It's great to have a winning team. But, now that I'm old enough to have kids in college, all I can think of when I hear the negative comments is..."that's someone's baby...someone's little boy."

Joshua, tho? NOT HAPPY with the Razorbacks. He said, "we (the Hogs) are fighting for pride and the respect of the nation...which 'pparently we have none of EACH."

Along with, "the worst team won." (no it didn't...the best team won. Trust me. Don't even try. You'll just get frustrated).

And, "this is a disgrace."

I'm sorry.

At least he didn't make any comments about Bielema's windbreaker this week.

They're just KIDS, people. Dr. Phil says that brains of boys don't really mature until they are 25-26 years old. Yet, they can drink, vote, marry, get a job, rent a car, go to war...all years before that. And we expect them to always do the right thing and to always win games.

In other news, the Arkansas State Red Wolves!

We also had our family Thanksgiving celebration tonight. And, as I'm writing this, it's the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

I'm realizing more and more that "flexibility" is the name of the game...especially as my children get older...and ESPECIALLY around the holidays.

Holly and Aaron are spending Thanksgiving with his family in Alabama. Logan will be with Morgan and her family. And Clark may go with his friend to her family's celebration. But they could ALL be here tonight it was!

I began mentally preparing last week. Two days ago, bought all the groceries. Yesterday, I began to prepare some of the food in advance. Last night, I set the table in the dining room for 9...we would be crowded, but for one meal it would be fine. This morning, I made a pecan pie before church.

*Side note* Every Sunday morning, without fail, I make cinnamon rolls for breakfast. My kids called them "Sunday Rolls" when they were little. This morning, our SS class was having breakfast there, so when Joshua came down I said, "no rolls today...just have a pop-tart." I know Mom of the Year, right? But Joshua just looked at me...and I heard crickets chirping, so I tried again, slowly. "Dad and I are having breakfast in our SS class, so I didn't make cinnamon rolls today...just have a pop-tart, okay?" Joshua muttered, "well, not a very good Sunday HERE."

When the pie came out, I put the turkey in the oven and we left for church.

Some friends of ours have a daughter who is in college here in our town. We saw her and her boyfriend in church this morning and invited them to eat with us tonight. She was appreciative of the invite and said she would let us know. At 6 o'clock, just as we were sitting down to eat, we were notified that they were coming. We started moving plates and getting more chairs and adding silverware and glasses, etc. We crammed 11 family members and friends around our table tonight. It was so fun! Holly said, "is your heart full?"

Yes. Yes it is.

I want our home to be a welcoming place for our family and their friends. It blessed my heart that they all stayed long after dinner to talk and hang out. I love my family and it's not gonna bother me at all when Thanksgiving day rolls around later on in the week...and no one's here.

I have been blessed beyond measure.

"...give thanks for everything..." Ephesians 5:20

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