Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Joshua and The Fatherless

I think I've mentioned before that I take Joshua to Little Rock 2-3 days a week. It's about a 35 minute drive from our the Therapeutic Recreation center.

Joshua typically talks the whole way.


Sometimes he sings.

If he is talking, I turn the radio completely off, or just have it on really low. He doesn't hear well, so most of the time when it's on...he can't hear it.

But sometimes he can. And if he can...and if he likes the song, he will reach over and turn up the volume. And sinnnnnng! :)

Most of the time, he will talk (and talk and talk). Usually about his schedule, his plans, his lunch, his story that he's writing, going to the gym with his Dad...but every now and then, things get serious. And very random.

He asked about his friend and former coach...Coach Morgan. He asks about him every day, now that he knows he's sick. Coach Morgan is on hospice care now, but Joshua doesn't really understand that. So I told him that Coach Morgan needs prayer for comfort, and that his family will need lots of prayer in the days to come. We talked about praying for someone to come and "stand in the gap" for his kids, since they are young; Someone to be that male influence in their uncle, grandfather, a friend.

This led to him saying, "that is one of the biggest problems in our world."
Me: "what's that, Joshua?"
Joshua: "fatherless children."
Joshua: "...and children with fathers who have let go of the wheel." (I think this is a Fireproof or Courageous reference)
Joshua: "First, there is Robert's dad who set a bad example and ended up in jail...and look what happened to Robert. And there was the guy in the white truck who ran into me and Dad, and then drove off before the police got there. And, last, Bobby Petrino."
Me: "Bobby Petrino?"
Joshua: "yes. I read an article in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette (daily newspaper) that said Bobby Petrino was a good coach, but he was not a good leader of men."

Yes, folks. This is my Downsy man-child...knowing the importance of being a "good leader of men."

Here is his Facebook post of his "Thankful Days of November." When I saw it first thing this morning, I about cried. Reading it, you might think it was written by a child...I doubt that you would think the author was a 27 year old man with Down Syndrome. Sometimes his insights amaze me. Again, this is just as he wrote it:

Day 13 today I will say I'm thankful for coach Bryan Morgan when I was a manger Searcy lost to Alma 24-to nothing when I threw a fit he pulled me aside he told go change cause it will be okay. He is a great coach and a teacher of life. So, today. I am thankful for his leadership he has he has the heart and leadership and passion of not just only football but for his family. I think of him as a courageous and brave father and husband to his wife. Thank you for telling me to go change and we will try again. I'm thankful for his example but his legacy will always be remembered forever.

"I am thankful for his example but his legacy will always be remembered forever."


"...You (God) are a helper of the fatherless." Psalm 10:14

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