Friday, November 15, 2013

ACCESS Fall Ball

Well, tonight was a BIG NIGHT for our Joshua.

There is a school in Little Rock called ACCESS and it's for kids with special needs. Joshua didn't go there, but his girlfriend, Jenni, did. Now that they are out of school...and adults...they are invited to the adult programs offered at the school.

Joshua kept calling it a "prom," but it was really just a dance. Well, dinner and a dance.

Well, barbeque ...and a dance.

Joshua and Jenni love to dance.

So, Joshua was after me all week to take him to get a haircut...which I did today, thank YOU very much. I had gotten him a new shirt to wear in our Christmas pictures, and I told him he could wear it tonight. What else? Oh yes...I took him to the flower shop, and he picked out flowers and some BLING to go on a little wrist corsage for Jenni. He looked so cute when we left...all dressed up and carrying the box containing the corsage.

We just met Jenni there, since we were coming from two different directions...and since they were eating there at the dance. We had a Suburban full...Jim and I, Joshua, Holly and Clark and his friend, Faith. Aaron, our son-in-law, met us there...and then we ALLLLLLL went in to see Joshua and Jenni and take pictures. They definitely had the largest fan club there!

After we dropped them off, we headed to Carino's to eat...and we made a pact that NO ONE TELLS JOSHUA where we ate.

The dance only lasted 2 hours, so by the time we gas...and ran by the was time to head back. OF COURSE, the first thing Joshua asked was where we ate dinner.

**crickets chirping**

Clark whispered..."what do I SAYYYYYY?" I told him to tell the truth, and then let him know that we saved leftovers for him. Which, we did. And it was all good.

Joshua and Jenni had a great time. Two hours doesn't seem like a lot, but for's just about the perfect amount of time. As we were walking out, Jenni asked her sitter if they could "have a moment." The sitter looked at me and said, "CAN they have a moment? Because I never know what to's so AWKWARD for me!"

Welcome to my world.

So, we let them walk a little ahead of the car. They walked around to the other side, where they thought we couldn't see them. Of course, Holly and Aaron had parked right on the other side, so they got the full view. Holly said Joshua was "gettin' his mack on."


When Joshua got in the car, he said, "Jenni was upset. She said that we wanted a moment, but then she said, 'they are TIMING our moment.' I told her to calm down and that I would call her Sunday night, and she got in the car and slammed the door."

Well, that's just the sign of a good date, isn't it?

"...where morning dawns and evening fades, you inspire shouts of joy." Psalm 65:8

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