Monday, November 25, 2013

The One Where Joshua Broke My Mom's Dishes...

We stayed at my parent's house one weekend when Joshua was little. Holly was a baby, so Joshua must've been around 3.

We typically set up a little port-a-crib for Joshua in my Dad's office, and then Jim and I would keep Holly in the guest room with us. The rooms were right next door to each other. We also had a baby monitor, just to be safe.

We were nothing if not responsible parents.

We woke up to a loud CRASH. Like a glass breaking type of crash. I didn't even think about it being a burglar...I ran out of the room to check on Joshua.

The office door was open.

We heard another loud crash and ran into the kitchen and turned on the light.

Sitting on the the middle of shattered glass...was Joshua. He was wearing these blue Carter's footie pajamas. He was sucking on the pacifier that was attached to his pajamas by a little clip. All around him were the remains of my Mom's beloved blue and white dishes. The little Houdini had climbed out of his port-a-crib and walked to the kitchen. Who knows what he was looking for...maybe a cereal bowl or something...or why (or HOW) he pulled a stack of heavy dishes out on the floor.


I remember my Dad standing in the kitchen, just staring at the mess...and shaking his head. He was probably thinking, like Jim, "what POSSESSED you to do that, Joshua?"

Yeah...well, welcome to my world...

We were so thankful he was okay. I mean, all that glass and he didn't have a single scratch! We did buy my parents another set of their dishes because we felt so bad!

Joshua was such a little stinker!

"Your name, God, like Your praise, reaches to the ends of the earth...." Psalm 48:10

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