Saturday, November 23, 2013

Football--Clark's 2nd Round Play-Off Game

So last night...OH MY WORD!

We had our 2nd round play-off game. We played Springdale Har-Ber, which is a school from NWA. Their record was 8-3 and ours was 8-2. I'm still trying to figure out how they've played one more game than we have...but...that's what the announcer said. Oh well.

It was the coldest night of the year so far. Annnnnnnd it was raining.

Beautiful, right?

Holly and Aaron graciously offered to take Joshua with them to eat and hang out...he does okay with some cold, but cold AND rainy? Ain't nobody got time for that. He had fun with them. They went out for pizza and then watched a movie at their house.

Jim and I went to eat before the game. Logan called and he had made it to town, but he was all the way on the other side. And it was 5 o'clock rush hour in our little burg. But he made it to the restaurant and got to eat real quick...and the 3 of us went to the game.

It was great to have Logan there. He and Jim enjoy visiting about football and they notice the same things during the game. As opposed to me, who yelled out at the beginning of a play, "IT'S A FLEA-FLICKER!" really loud. And Logan said, "'s a REVERSE."

Well, of course it is.

It was back and forth all night...we'd score, they'd score...but we WON! By 10 points! It's the first time his school has made it past the 2nd round since 2003! I was so thrilled for Clark to have this experience. The next game will be against Bentonville. We'll probably get our rears kicked, but it's been such a fun year so far! And so special that Logan got to be there.

"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good..." Psalm 106:1

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