Saturday, November 16, 2013

Little House on the Prairie

Well, it's been a wild few weeks! I like to keep things positive here on the blog, but you know...stuff happens. And God is always faithful.

During the past few weeks:

*Jim has had a job issue...his position changed a little, but he got to keep his job and we don't have to move again (Praise the LORD).
*We had a water pump issue outside.
*Our master bathroom toilet had a leak...Jim put a little cereal bowl on the floor to catch the water that is leaking from the back. I know. (breakfast, anyone?) And he turned off the water. He told me that, after flushing, we would need to turn the water on, let the toilet bowl fill up, and then turn the water off. Every.time. It's like I'm Caroline Ingalls or something.
*One of our vehicles has several problems...2 were fixed this week (yay!).
*The dishwasher is leaking.
*The fireplace insert wasn't working.
*Annnnnd the dryer vent to the outside was clogged.

I am very aware that these are 1st world problems. YOU...have a...CAR? An indoor TOILET?

I know.

I just want my kids to know 1) things are gonna go wrong; 2) God is always faithful; And 3) their dad can fix almost anything.


On that last one, I hit the jackpot. We did have to take the vehicle to the shop, but everything else? It was Jim to the rescue. Our family is so blessed to have him.

My Dad...bless his heart. I love him so much, and has taught me many things...and has been a great servant and leader for our family. But he couldn't blow up a balloon without a pump...even if his life depended on it. He could not fix a flat or change the oil or do most types of household maintenance. In fact, when I was about 10 years old, he bought me a sah-weeeet Schwinn bicycle that I still have to this day. But when the air went down in the tires, he took the bike to "the shop." Now, I didn't know where "the shop" was...but a lot of our things went there to be fixed! But Jim? There is very little he can't do...handyman-wise. And we are so thankful. Just the things he has fixed this Dad would've had to call a repairman...and pay them a lot of money.

True story: When my Dad turned 50, my Mom wanted to have a surprise party for she planned it and we all drove in to surprise him. She had invited a lot of their friends from church, and it was being held at a place that was close to their home. To get him there, she called to say that she'd had car problems, but had managed to make it to the parking lot of this place. My Dad shows up in a trench coat...carrying a flashlight...and a HAMMER.


To fix a CAR.

I love him, but as we say in the South: bless his heart.

Now, I've never studied love languages or read the book, but I'm pretty sure mine must have to do with security. I don't know anything about what makes stuff work, so it freaks me out if a light comes on in the car, or if something is leaking or creaking or making a funny noise. I must've inherited that from my Dad. I like knowing that everything is taken care of...and it usually is.

I just want my kids to know that even when things go wrong, or break, or when life seems unfair...God is always faithful.

"He is your constant source of stability." Isaiah 33:6

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