Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Long Week of Waiting

This has been the longest week.

Maybe it's just me.

Actually, it's been a long two months.

My husband works for a large utility company here in Arkansas. Every few years, they go through a big reorganization...people are moved around, departments are down-sized or eliminated, some people lose their jobs. That's where we are now. Waiting.

Announcements began in late August, starting with the highest levels in the Company. Tomorrow, Jim will find out his fate. We aren't worried sick or anything, but it is very stressful.


On another note, Joshua had a good day today. They did "hip-hop" as their fitness challenge. I can only imagine what Mr. Lee thought about it all!

While Joshua was with his group, Holly and I spent the day together. We have been wanting a new bed for Joshua. He has one of the smallest bedrooms in our house. I gave him first choice of the rooms when we moved in. He chose the one with the built-in desk. I knew he would.

So, once we put a full-sized bed in there, and a dresser, AND a chest-of-drawers...there wasn't much room at all. And, since the whole mattress-falling-off-the-trailer debacle...Joshua has been sleeping in Logan's empty room since Logan's away at college. But we want Joshua to have his nest all fixed back up.

Joshua was kind of wanting a day-bed. I was VERY "iffy" on that for him, for several reasons...the main one being that it was hard finding one manly enough for him. Not a huge market for day-beds for 27 year old men.

But, on Tuesday, we found a possibility. On Wednesday, we brought Joshua to the store to check it out. Today, we bought that sucker...and tomorrow, we get it here at the house and will set it all up! Today, Holly and I bought a rug, some bedding...and some extra "throw" pillows to go along the side of the day-bed that will be up against the wall. Holly also found a decorative shield with a cross in the middle of it at Hobby Lobby. We are going to hang it on Joshua's wall. He will LOVE it. We also bought a large canvas and Holly is going to paint something on it and hang it over Joshua's bed.

Can't wait to get Joshua's room all together tomorrow. After Jim hears about his job, he is coming straight matter how things end up. And we will spend the rest of the day at home as a family, and then we'll go support Clark in his football game tomorrow night.

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9

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