Thursday, October 24, 2013

Joshua the Party Animal

I don't remember if it was Joshua's first birthday...or his 2nd...but our friends, George and Dinah, brought him a balloon that had the words, "party animal" written on it.

I loved it.

I guess there's some benefit to being young and clueless. We knew Joshua had Down Syndrome. We knew he had challenges and would have even more challenges ahead. I mean, that's what we were told...what we read. But it's hard to know what you don't know, am I right?

And looking back will most likely give us all the answers we wished we'd had back in the day.

All we knew is that we loved this baby. We took him everywhere with us...we didn't know any better.


He was just so easy. And so good. He was the best traveler...long distances or short trips. Up early or late. Eating in or out or on the run. Seriously, it could not have been easier.

I remember when my grandfather died. My parents, along with my sister, Leanne, ...and me...and Joshua...took off on a road trip to Arizona. Long days of driving. Long days of riding in his car seat. He was an angel. Pretty much happy all the time. I had memorized a few of the Dr. Seuss' books...both Cat in the Hats and One Fish, Two Fish...can't remember the other ones. When it got dark on the drive...good news! I could still recite the books to Joshua from memory!

I'm sure that was super fun for the rest of the people in our car.

Not much has changed in this regard. Joshua is still a great traveler.

Unless we are going on curvy roads...

And as long as we make sure that lunch is at 12 and dinner is at 6.

Otherwise...we're good!

"...You have been a defense for the helpless..." Isaiah 25:4

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