Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Joshua and Yoga

So, one of the things they do at Therapeutic Recreation is Yoga. I'm talking they have a legit Yoga teacher come in and lead them. She brings the yoga mats and everything. Joshua loves it. Not as much as kick-boxing or zumba, tho! He said the balance part is hard for him.

I get that.

The first time the Yoga lady came, Joshua said that they had "5 minutes at the end to sleep."

Whaaaat? That doesn't sound right!

I asked the Director, and she said the last 5 minutes was relaxation and meditation. And...here was the best part: during this time, the Yoga teacher went to every person and RUBBED THEIR HEADS.

Oh, MAN...sign me UP!

I said, "Joshua, did the Yoga lady rub your head?"
Joshua: "Yes, ma'am."
Me: "I bet that felt good."
Joshua: "it DID!"

And, if anyone needed further proof that he is Jim-the-germ-freak's son, he said, "all I could think of was...'I hope you washed your hands before you touched my head.'"

"...I meditate on You during the night watches." Psalm 63:6

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