Sunday, August 25, 2013

Football and the Weekend

On Friday night, we all went to a burger place for dinner...and then we went to get ice-cream. That's the perfect Friday night, right?

On Saturday, our high school had what is called the "Steak Out." It's a big kick-off festival type thing at the school for all the sports. There are booths where you can buy fan gear. There are raffles to enter, and lots of food.

But NOT STEAK, which, hello? Isn't it implied in the name "Steak Out" that you will get steak?

I think yes.

But no.

They also have a long time where they introduce all of the players from all the sports. OH MY WORD.

It was so stinkin' hot, so we just went up in the evening for the high school football game. It wasn't like a real game. The coaches didn't want to take any chances that the players might get hurt, but they got out there for about an hour and worked on plays, special teams, kicking, etc. It was pretty fun!

Clark didn't think he would get to play much, but he rotated in and out with another guy who plays his same position...and he did GREAT! I always get so nervous at football games. I LOVE football, but I've seen the injuries that can happen, and our younger two boys have both sustained injuries in football games. So, I pretty much hold my breath each game until it's over.

Clark plays Corner. When he made that first tackle of the night...not gonna lie...I could've gone home right then and been a happy, happy Mom. 

See, Clark was injured last year at the end of summer practice, and missed the whole season. The best part of last night was seeing Clark get his confidence back...making tackles and GETTING UP FROM THEM...and having fun. 

We went down after the game and caught up with him before he walked into the fieldhouse. He was grinning from ear to ear.

On second thought...THAT was the best part.

"He will once again fill your mouth with laughter..." Job 8:21

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