Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Going "Commando" at College...and Dinner With Friends-May 2016

We've had a great day! Joshua went to Therapeutic Recreation today. We had storms last night...like, BAD and scary storms. He asked if he could sleep downstairs in Logan and Morgan's room...and I said, "yes." I went upstairs and got his alarm clock...and I brought it downstairs. He has one of those clocks that project the time on the ceiling, so I got that all set up for him...and he brought down all of his other stuff: Bible, notebooks, devo book, flashlight, mouth spray, water bottle, chapstick...and who knows what else. He is such a MESS!

And, I may have created a monster, because he didn't even ask if he could stay downstairs tonight...he just quietly walked by carrying his Bible, and the rest of his things. He put them in Logan and Morgan's room, and didn't say a word about it to me.

ANYway, I told Joshua that I was going to pick him up after lunch, because Jim and I had to be back down to Little Rock for dinner tonight...and I really needed a few hours at home.

Clark brought home a BUNCH of stuff over the weekend...stuff from his dorm room. Yesterday and today, I've been working on all his laundry. If it has been in his dorm, then I washed it. I'm not taking his word on whether it's clean or dirty. If it came in contact with the air in his dorm room...it went in the washing machine.

By last night, I was having some serious questions. I texted to tell him that I was more than moderately concerned he was at college...with no underwear.

Because I washed a BUNCH of his underwear.

He texted back: "I don't want to talk about it."


He continued: "I've got enough for the week...but barely."

I texted: "do the words, 'but barely,' in any way imply the turning-of-the-inside-out of anything?"

He said, "no comment."


I did more laundry this afternoon, and then I got ready to head back down to LR. Holly was supposed to work today, but got canceled because the census was down in the NICU. So Joshua was able to hang out with her and Aaron. He had a great time.

Jim and I met up with our friends for dinner. There are 10 of us total...5 couples. We drove in from 4 different parts of the state. When we are together, there is not much "down" time...not much quiet time. There's a lot of talking...and there's a TON of laughing.

So very thankful for the blessing of friendship.

"The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense." Proverbs 27:9

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