Monday, May 2, 2016

A Forgotten Charger and Reading Through the Bible

Well, nothing earth-shattering went on today...AND I kept on all my clothes.

So there's that.

Jim left for work very early this morning...and even tho I wanted to stay in bed until a decent hour, I got up and started my Monday with the making-of-the-muffins.

This earned me a big, ol' smile from my 30 year old Downsy son!

It's the little things.

And then, because of a forgotten laptop charger, we got to make a trip to the halfway meet Logan for lunch. HAPPY MOM!

Logan and Morgan came "home" this weekend. They got in late Friday night/early Saturday morning...and were heading back to their home less than 20 hours later. So it's no wonder they left a few items here. The main thing, tho, was the computer cord thingy. Logan's final exams in his O/T program start this week, and he's got notes and things like that on his laptop.

I was going to over-night all of it, but then I thought, "I can drive an hour to the half-way point...and meet Logan for lunch...and it would be quicker, and just about as cheap. PLUS, I would get to see him again."

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Joshua really enjoyed seeing Logan today, but he kept saying, "uhhh usually our Mondays are quiet...but today we drove to see Logan." He probably said this a million times. 

I kept reminding him that it was still a "quiet Monday" We were just running an extra-long errand. I was THINKING IN MY HEAD, "well, you could be QUIET in the CAR..." because he talked.non.stop.the.entire.way. About houses and cars and goats and cows and horses and dogs and babies and road construction and how his Sunday School lesson was on obedience and how Phillip helped the man from Ethiopia understand what he was reading and how he doesn't always understand everything he reads in the Bible, either...and church and tacos and fences and the weather and Jesus and God and mission trips and witnessing to others and how he is reading the Bible through and he is in the book of 2 Kings.

That last part slays me.

Because, I mean...seriously? 

My 30 year old son...who happens to have Down Syndrome...who is considered by many to be "intellectually challenged," "disabled," "developmentally delayed," "handicapped," "limited..." is READING THROUGH THE BIBLE...ON HIS OWN.

I mean, I had no idea.

How is he my son? I love him so.

After we got home, I packaged up that last hunk of left-over baby shower cake, went to the post office, and mailed that bad boy. I cannot have it in this house! It's sooooooooooo good!

And then we went over and picked up Holly. We went to a furniture store to look around, and then I dropped her off at her house. Her crib bedding came in today, and she was beyond excited! It's slowly coming together! Now if they can just sell their house, and get moved into their new one...before the baby comes...that will be the icing on the cake!

Oops! I said, "cake."


"In my heart I store up Your words, so I might not sin against You." Psalm 119:11

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