Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tuesday: Kickball And To-Go Drinks

Nothing earth-shattering today. Just a regular day.

On Tuesday of this week, Joshua and his Therapeutic Recreation group were supposed to go on a walk on one of the bridges that goes over the Arkansas River. When we left our house this morning, it was a balmy 41 degrees. And, while you'd think it would go without saying, I'm saying it: while taking a walk and getting some exercise outside SOUNDS like a great idea...what you don't want to do is to take a group of FRIENDS on a WALK...before the freezing cold.

Actually, in order for this day to go well, it would have to be scheduled on that one perfect day that happens once every year, and today was not that day.

Joshua said that they went to the community center instead. They played kickball and basketball. The last time they went to the community center and played kickball, Joshua accidentally kicked the ball at Jenni's head and she ran to the bathroom crying and he ran to the other bathroom crying and the FRIENDS all split into groups of boys and girls and went into the respective bathrooms to check on Joshua and Jenni. And, when they finally convinced Joshua that Jenni was fine and that it was an accident and not his fault...they took him into the girl's bathroom to see for himself that Jenni was fine.

This drama was talked about for WEEKS.

So, pretty brave for the program directors to take them back there again.

He said, "me and Jenni only talked 2 times at the community center, and we got along just FINE."

He also said that Jenni picked him to be on her team and that's not what he really wanted, but it was FINE.

They ate lunch at Chili's today. I told him I would get him after lunch, so I got to Chili's early, parked close to their vans. Instead of going in to get him, I decided to wait for the group to come out. The scene did not disappoint. Two of the FRIENDS came out first, with one of the drivers. And then the rest of the group came out. Jenni was hauling it as fast as any FRIEND has ever hauled it. She was passing people right and left, and even cut through the flower bed to be at the front of the pack. In order to be first to the van. In order to get the coveted front passenger seat. And she succeeded. Even when Joshua walked over to tell her good-bye, she wouldn't leave the van. She opened the door and leaned wayyyyy out to hug him.

When Joshua got to the car, he began to tell me about their lunch. At his table were three FRIENDS: Blair, Mrs. Angel's Brandon, and Sarah. He said that Blair, Mrs. Angel's Brandon and Sarah all ordered the "double burger," which he said is "new on the menu." He said that "was not a good and healthy choice for them," but he didn't say anything to them about it.

Joshua got the "two burger bites and a cup of soup and water." He said that he had to help Blair cut her burger, and figure out the money for her ticket, and leave a tip. He said that he told everyone at his table to leave a tip.

At one point, Blair either ate too fast or got choked...not sure, but she couldn't breathe. Joshua said he had to help her. I asked him how he helped her and he said, "I kept her calm and held her drink."

He said that Blair wanted a "to go" drink...which, it is against the rules to bring drinks on the van AND THEY ALL KNOW IT BUT TRY TO ORDER TO-GO DRINKS ANYWAY.

Joshua said, "I didn't tell her NO, she couldn't get one. I just said, ' YOU want to make everyone wait while you clean up the mess of your drink if it spills on the van?" Blair talks verrrrry slooooowwwwly, and said, "noooo." And Joshua said, "can you wait til we get to the Center...where you can get a drink of water?" And Blair said, "yessssss."

Joshua said, "she knew the right thing and I didn't have to tell her "NO."

Not gonna lie, I was pretty impressed with the problem-solving skills he was displaying.

This is the last week of TR until after the first of the year. The FRIENDS have been counting down the days since Thanksgiving, not because they are looking forward to the break...but because they are dreading the break. Today, they were all really sad, because for some of them, today was their last day because they don't go on Thursdays.

I love that Joshua is learning skills that will help him throughout his life.

"So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin." James 4:17

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