Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day But Our Christmas Eve 2014

We got up on Christmas morning and I made blueberry muffins. I knew it would make Joshua so happy! When he came downstairs, I said, "Merry Christmas!" and gave him a hug. He said, "uhhh...not for US until tomorrow."

Joshua is refusing to even acknowledge Christmas until all of the kids can be here, which will hopefully be tomorrow. He said, "we are having OUR family Christmas Eve again today."

Today was really quiet and not gonna lie...not a fan.

Now I totally understand why our friends Earl and Carolyn go on a trip somewhere on the years when all of their married kids go to their in-laws.

Hawaii, hear we come!

We were really thankful to see Logan and Morgan come this afternoon. It was funny because I decided that I was gonna stay in my pajammies all day. So when Morgan saw me, it was like the scene in "The Princess Diaries," where Mia comes to the coronation ball in her regular clothes, and she is drenched from head to toe...and her friend, Lilly...who is dressed in appropriate "ball" attire, looks at her date and says, "why didn't we dress like her? We look like idiots!" Morgan said, "I need to go out to the car and get my pajamas...NOW."

We snacked and visited and it was a lot of fun! After they had been here an hour, Morgan's mom texted to let us know that their family was dropping like flies with the stomach virus. AREYOUKIDDINGME?

So now we wait.

I served chicken and dressing, mashed potatoes, asparagus, spinach salad, and rolls for dinner.

During dinner, Joshua took a bite of the asparagus and said, "'s really thick and woody."

And I'm sorry...I have boys, and a husband, and they all fell out laughing...and any manners, decorum and general spirit of the holiday was lost in 1.2 seconds.

Of course, I don't know what it says about manners, decorum and the general spirit of the holiday when Morgan and I roll up to dinner, CHRISTMAS DINNER...with me wearing my flannel PJ SALVAGE blue pajamas with the dogs on them, and Morgan wearing her flannel PJ SALVAGE elephant pajamas.

What is it they say? THERE'S YOUR SIGN.

For dessert, I fixed this Snickers cheesecake that I found on Pinterest. I'm not a big dessert person, or a big cheesecake person, but they all said it was very rich, but very good.

And now we are watching a movie. Logan wanted us to watch a Batman/Dark Knight movie. I don't even know. It's not very Christmassy, so even tho I wanted to stay in here with my family, I slipped out to our other living room and watched the end of ELF...which IS very Christmassy.

Now I'm back in the family room with my family. The movie is still going on. I'm so not interested in it, but I AM interested in my kids. :)

In just a little while, we will all go to bed, and in the morning, we will wake up (Lord willing)...and Holly and Aaron will be here around lunch (Lord willing). And's CHRISTMAS! Except it will be the day after Christmas.

Just really praying that no one gets the stomach virus. I don't want any of us to get it, but I REALLY don't want Joshua to get it.

And please, PLEASE pray for our friend, Kevin. He is supposed to have surgery to remove the hemorrhage in his frontal lobe on Monday. It's a risky surgery, and I know their family would covet your prayers.

"Wait for the Lord.; be strong and courageous. Wait for the Lord." Psalm 27:14

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