Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Surprise Visit From Logan

I've sat down at the computer for 4 straight days, trying to write an update. 

I got nuthin'.

I started this blog in an attempt to chronicle our lives with Joshua...and for my kids and grand-kids to maybe read one day. But how boring is my life that I can't even think of anything to write?

And I love to write.

Actually, I love words.

I never realized, until the other day, how much. I was sitting at the kitchen table, and just looked around. Our home is covered with words. It must be my love-language. :)

Right now, my brain feels like mush. I guess that's what happens when you're OLD, and off-schedule for weeks at a time. This must be what Joshua feels like when we have breakfast casserole for breakfast...on a MONDAY...instead of his usual blueberry muffins. Ha!

Little mind blown.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am all about family. I love nothing more than to have all the kids here. This Christmas break, tho, has been like a revolving door. In, out, stay, leave...I'm really starting to relate to my mother-in-law even more. She always says that she doesn't care if we come...she just wants to KNOW. I'm feeling the same way. I don't care if they come...or if they fact, I LOVE IT! I just want to know, so I can have food for them.

And clean sheets.

But mostly, food.

This week, Logan surprised us by coming home for a day. Well, for 24 hours. 


We were sad Morgan couldn't come, but we were all thrilled to see Logan. Logan was excited to get some extra snuggle time with Rhodie.

Clark is still here on his Christmas break. I think he will go back to college next week...not sure, tho. I'M not sure, because when I asked him when he was going back, he said, AND I QUOTE: "I don't even know."

So there's that.

It's going to be a shock when he goes back, because he will have been here for about 5 weeks. And it's been great! I'm going to miss him so much. that's it. With Joshua's Therapeutic Recreation program still on break, there's nothing for me to share. He has enjoyed the break, but once Clark heads back...he will be antsy to start back, too. He has been having fun doing the things he loves: working out, reading, writing...lather, rinse, repeat.

And, hopefully, when he starts back, I will have a few hours to myself to get my house in order. It is out-of-control...and I'm not even kidding.

And hopefully, when he starts back, the fog will lift in my mind...and I will be able to string together enough interesting words to make a legitimate post.

Very thankful for these ordinary days.

"My flesh and my heart may grow weak, but God always protects my heart and gives me stability." Psalm 73:26

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