Friday, January 27, 2017

I'm Down in My Back, Paw!

Well, this is a tipsy-turvy world we live I right?

I'm happy to have the inauguration over with, and look forward to the day when tempers and emotions settle down, and everyone is able to think clearly. I'm all for being passionate about what you believe in, but GOOD GRIEF.

Last week, I hurt my back. I don't know when or exactly HOW I did it. I don't remember lifting or pushing something, and having that "uh-oh, I just wrenched out my back." But something happened.

I have a history of back problems. I think it all started after we got married, because I would move furniture and stuff by myself. Why by myself, you ask? You ladies know that sometimes, when you ask your husbands help you move a dresser over to the other wall, so you can see how it looks over there...and if it doesn't work, we'll just move it back to where it was? And you get a million questions that are all the same, like, "WHY do you want to move this?" or, "what's wrong with THIS wall?" Or this statement: "let's just think about this first." That's my favorite one.

Except the exact opposite.

I have very few creative genes, but, when I ideas are usually met with skepticism.

So I found that it was just easier to do things myself.

I don't know if years of doing things like that have just wrecked my back, or what. It could be that I just have a bad back...or, it MIGHT be due to the fact that I carried our youngest son up and down the steps to his room...UNTIL HE WAS 7 YEARS OLD.


He was just so wittle.

And, if you've read here long, you know that our youngest son...he was born 12 1/2 weeks early...and then was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 2. He's completely fine now, but #overprotectivemuch? Yes. Yes, I am.

Sorry not sorry.

Anyway, by Friday, it was hurting...and by Sunday, the pain was excruciating. I mean, before we went to church, I was debating on whether or not I should stay home. But, I went, and sang with the choir in the first service. By the time I got to our small group, it was clear: I needed to go home. I couldn't get comfortable any position.

So, I came home, and rummaged through drawers like an addict looking for drugs. I'm not an addict, but I WAS looking for drugs. I found a handful of old prescription bottles., and then I did the only thing I knew to do: I called my friend, Stacy. She is a pharmacist.

I don't take a lot of medicine. In fact, Benadryl is about as strong as I ever take, and it knocks me OUT. But, before it knocks me out, it apparently makes me crazy. My kids say that I text them crazy things after I've taken Benadryl. I deny it, and then they will produce the proof: screen shots of the messages.

My kids are SOOOO funny.

Anyway, I'm super cautious about taking medicine, and I don't keep it in our home. We have Tylenol and Motrin and Claratin...but that's about it. My kids will tell you that I "made them suffer" after they had their wisdom teeth pulled or whatever, because they "had to be dying" before I would give them a pain pill. And they're right.

It took Stacy 30 minutes or so, before she answered my texts. (she was in church)...and I was very tempted to take my chances, and take one pill from each bottle.

Not even kidding.

I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. I will cry at the drop of a hat over a song, or a memory, or when my sweet grand-boy smiles at me...but if I'm in pain? Not so much.

Do you know what affects everything you do? Your back. And when it hurts, it will hurt to sit, stand, walk, get dressed, drive, breathe, and sneeze. OH MY GOODNESS IF YOU HAVE TO SNEEZE.

I told Stacy what each prescription was. My choices involved prescriptions from 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2013.  It's kind of funny that the only drugs we have in the house are from when my kids got their wisdom teeth taken out...or from one of their sports injuries.

*And I know we are not supposed to take other people's medicines. Please don't message me about it. I know.

But I was dying.

Thankfully, one of them was actually a muscle relaxer of MINE, from a long time ago. PRAISE THE LORD! I didn't have to take any of the other prescriptions! And I got rid of all the other meds PRONTO.

I know that there are people who suffer daily with chronic pain, and my heart breaks for them. Today, I am thankful there is medicine that can help some people with pain...and I am thankful that my back is feeling better each day. :)

"I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us." Romans 8:18

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  1. Ouch! So glad you were able to find something that made your back feel better. My husband has back problems sometimes - and he can't do anything when his back is hurting. We've found the IcyHot patches can be helpful.