Thursday, April 20, 2017

He loves me...He loves me not...

"He loves me...he loves me not." 

Remember saying that as kids? 

Holding a flower, and pulling off one petal after another, until you got to the last one that provided the answer...he loves me!

(Or not) 

A simple children's game...but how many times do we use this same philosophy in our lives as adults? 

We let our doubts and insecurities raise questions about our worth...why doesn't he/she love me? What is wrong with me? We wonder what we could DO to make others love us. 

The Bible says: "But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners." (Romans 5:8) 

If we didn't have to "prove" ourselves to God...if we didn't have to make sure we presented ourselves in the best light...if we didn't have to have our stuff together, have a plan for our lives all laid order for God to love us so much that He would send His only Son to die for all of our sins...why do we require others to prove themselves, show us their good points, have their acts together, have a plan for their lives, etc, before we decide whether or not they are worthy of our love? 

And why do we spend even one minute feeling unwanted or unworthy? 

God gave us all of His love when we didn't deserve it...and there was no way we could ever earn it. 

We try so hard to not give our hearts away, but that's part of the reason we are love others the way Christ loved us. 

I had a young friend whose big heart for others often led her into relationships where she was not valued for who she was. Her unique personality and sensitive spirit were not always accepted or embraced by others. I read this quote one day, and it reminded me of her...and it applies to me, and so many of us who have been in similar situations: "You might be too much for some people...those are not your people." 

Honey, THOSE ARE NOT YOUR PEOPLE...but guess what? GOD is your people. 

All of you out there who know Him, trust Him, believe in Him...HE is your people. He sees us, He knows us...and He loves us, even when we feel no one else does. Stop running after everything else. 

Psalm 23:6 says, "Surely Your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life..." 

Isn't that beautiful? 

Jesus pursues you, and He chooses you! And He will choose you again a million times over. 

He provides others to walk this life with us, not to take us away from life and ministry, but to enhance enlarge encourage us...and to help share the burdens and the joys in this life. 

It's almost Easter...the time when we remember the great sacrifice Jesus made for each of us when we were so very unworthy...and we celebrate His victory over sin and death. He loves us...He loves us so...He loves us. 🌼 

Look no further.

"For Your unfailing love is as high as the heavens. Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds." Psalm 57:10

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