Monday, August 28, 2017

Moving Day for #4 (Jr Year)

And just like that...he's gone. 

We moved #4 back to school on Sunday. 

He helped with our church's "Dorm Storm" (moving freshmen into their dorms) on Sunday morning...and on Sunday afternoon, we moved him back into his dorm at OBU. 

And I'm using the word "moved" very lightly. 

This year was different, in several ways, and my heart is sad. 

And, in true "boy" fashion, the child wasn't even willing to throw me a help me through it all. 

He brought everything he said he two plastic tubs. 


I'm not talking two tubs of CLOTHES...I'm talking two tubs of everything. 

He brought nothing for the walls, no rugs, no pictures (not even one of me...shocker). No decorative items for his desk or know, things that might make his room look a little homier. 

He has the same suite-mates for the 3rd year. They voted to only have 1 frig and 1 microwave, because of he didn't bring his. Which, that is pretty smart...just sayin'. He didn't bring the black-out curtains...even tho we have them at home. 

His bed? He did not bring the mattress pad that makes the bed more comfy. He brought a fitted sheet...a FITTED sheet...and a pillow. ONE pillow. No top sheet, no blanket, no comforter. He put his sleeping bag on top of the sheet, like he was at camp. 

I told him that his room was decorated with sadness. 

Because here's the thing: we have ALLTHESTUFF at home from his first two years. WHY WON'T HE USE IT? 

As far as clothes go, he brought maybe 8 shirts, total. And zero hangers, even tho he has approximately 3000 hangers in his closet at home. 

What gives, man? 

My heart was breaking a little, because this day came too soon. 

Take notice of this, moms of littles (and moms of boys): there will come a day, for most of you, when your kids are gonna leave. That's normal, and to be expected. 

But here's the kicker: 

And there will come a day, if you have boys, when they really don't need or want you to make things cute and comfy for them...because they'd be fine sleeping in a a tree...wearing the same clothes forever, like on Swiss Family Robinson. 

My role as a mom has changed with each child, and in each season of life, as my kids have gotten older. It has to, and it needs to. 

And yesterday was a prime example. 

Because really? He could've moved in by himself, in about 10 minutes. Which, I know you think that sounds like a GOOD thing, and it is, it's just hard...hard for mommy. 

Last child and all. 

I may or may not have cried all the way home...and I was driving.

"He will once again fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy." Job 8:21

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