Friday, October 9, 2015

TGIF and Coach Tom Webb

I haven't really posted much on the goings-on around here, because I've been too busy trying to plan out my 31 days of Down Syndrome posts for Facebook. I don't know if this idea was God-inspired, or just a whim that floated through my mind before my first sip of Diet Dr. Pepper one morning...but I thought, "hey...why don't I just write a post for Facebook every day in October...for Down Syndrome Awareness/Acceptance Month."

SURE...why not?

I don't share a whole lot on Facebook, mainly because Joshua has it now...and there are things that I don't want him to read.

And also, my mother-in-law has Facebook now...(so see above reason!). Ha!

They are killing independent George.

(you have to be a Seinfeld fan)

But I found myself with extra time this morning...FINALLY. I sat in my bed and tried to catch up on my reading. There are several blogs that I try to follow every day. This morning, I noticed I was 8 days behind.


I's like I don't even know myself anymore.

So, Jim and Clark left around 9 a.m., to go on a mountain-bike ride...and I've been enjoying reading everything from the last 8 days.

Which, PRODUCTIVE. Obviously.

Anyway, I posted on Facebook about Joshua's 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Webb. I don't really remember a whole lot about that year...mainly because I was knee-deep in 4 kids under 10. And the 10 year old had Down Syndrome...and the baby was born prematurely. And two in-between. This was a wild year.

BUT, I remember that Mrs. Webb's husband was a coach at the Jr. High. Now, Coach Webb was a good man. Like most coaches, he liked order and rule and kids following directions. Annnnnd then there was my spunky, curious, fast-as-lightning Joshua.

One day, Coach Webb was in the gym talking to one of the other coaches. Joshua and his class was finishing up their PE class, and all filing out the door. All of a sudden...and for reasons no one knows...Joshua spied the light-switch on the wall, and flipped off ALL the lights on the way out...and then took off running...laughing all the way!

I don't know if you've ever been in an old gym with the lights off, but: PITCH BLACK. And Coach Webb was in the the dark...and fuming mad. He was determined to get to Joshua, Joshua said, "he couldn't catch ME!"

Oh, he was finally caught, and he was in big school AND at home!

Apparently, the offense was not quickly forgotten by the one likes to be disciplined, right?

Anyway, we found one of Joshua's old yearbooks the other day. On the "faculty" page was a picture of Coach Webb. Beside it, in red pen, a 7th grade grade Joshua had written: "I do not like you Coach Tom Webb."

And, I didn't share this part on Facebook, but he also drew devil horns on him and gave him gnarly looking facial hair. EEEK!

Thankfully, Joshua got over it, and he and Coach Webb are friends. I am so very thankful for every person who has invested in Joshua's life.

"We were filled with laughter, and we sang for joy..." Psalm 126:2

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