Saturday, October 10, 2015

DS Awareness Month: Recess and Sticky Notes

Continuing in my daily posts on Facebook for Down Syndrome Awareness/Acceptance Month:

Joshua was kind of a little stinker during his elementary school years. He was just trying to learn the "rooahs" (rules).

I think it's Dr. Phil who says that every kid has their own "currency..." that one thing that really matters to them and motivates them to do/not do something...or to work harder; that one thing they would not want taken away.

Joshua's currency was recess.

If he did well in his "regular" class in the morning, then he would get an afternoon recess in his Special Fred class. And if he didn't behave well in his regular class, he had to stay inside with the teacher and do class work.

Which, I totally see the reason and point to this, but you just try containing him all morning...and then keeping him inside all afternoon.

Pick your poison,'re only hurting yourselves!


So, the idea was that his "regular" teacher would use a sticky-note to write whether or not Joshua behaved well enough to get an afternoon recess...and then Joshua was supposed to take this note to his Special Fred teacher.

Now, Joshua might "just have a touch" of Down Syndrome, but mama didn't raise no fool.

He figured out pretty quickly that 8 times out of 10...what was on that note meant he wasn't getting an afternoon recess. So, Joshua took matters into his own hands. He would just stick the notes on the walls, metal poles, trash cans, windows, etc...on the way to his Special Fred class. And I guess they'd just assume that no note meant "good day..." and they let him go out and play.

This system worked out GREAT for Joshua until one day, his teacher saw him outside, having a big, ol' time on the playground...when clearly he wasn't supposed to be there. And, on her way to tell his other teacher about it, she found all the notes!



We are so thankful for everyone who kept a close eye on Joshua, and had his best interests at heart, when he was in school.

He's a pretty cool young man, so y'all did a pretty cool job. :)

"Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they keep watch over your souls and will give an account for their work..." Hebrews 13:17

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